Online dating learning disabilities

23-Jan-2017 00:19

I imagine that across the board, you are likely to encounter many views and perceptions from people, ranging from- ignorant, to- understanding and nonjudgemental. Some issues arise-Are you upfront in your profile, stating your Achilles heel?

Do the opposite sex want to know such things before you meet for a drink? There is also the severity of disability to consider.

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We look forward to welcoming you on board -very soon :). Thousands of successfully matched couples throughout the world are a proof of this and every year millions of new members are taking advantage of the dating opportunities that Channel 4's The Undateables is returning for another season and we are proud that Disabled Dating4U has been one of the sites selected to feature in this latest season.

I see dyslexia as the opposite to a strength, but I do not call it a weakness. As far as higher learning, and career goals, I would say if you want to advance get a tutor, plan to spend extra time working things out.

Dude, that is an excellent topic, kudos for putting it out there.We are now Live very much in the US and will like to offer the same Welcome to our US customers as we have to our UK customers.Register Free today and meet the Love you've been waiting for.TTYLspelling alone is not a sign of of the most blindingly brilliant people i know spells everything becomes fone..was never diagnosed with anything formally so i'm not sure if it is even relevant, with the exception that spelling is not a yardstick of intellect....sometimes.just remembered..i had my accident i was diagnosed with mild to moderate brain injury, basal skull fractures subdural haemotoma, possibility of not being to retain info etc.i think i dodged the bullet on that one but i still say the wrong words verbally sometimes.

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As i type away with pencil strapped to one hand , i miss words and even sentences which is ok 'cause i can read it and make it make sense (sometimes!It isn't too difficult to realize the uneducated versus those who have difficulty with actual dyslexia or even spelling and it is more common that most of us would like to admit. Some famous people gifted with dyslexia are: Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Cher, John Lennon, Harvey Cushing ( surgeon), Erin Brockovich, George Patton, "Stonewall" Jackson, Bruce Jenner, Henry Ford, Ted Turner, Walt Disney, Leonardo Da Vinci, Harry Belafonte, Jay Leno, Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg, Henry Winkler, Keanu Reeves, The list goes on and on.

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