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We track the movement of mobile nodes COMPLEX EVENT PROCESSING AND DATA MINING FOR SMART CITIESfree download Abstract Complex Event Processing (CEP) is emerging as a new paradigm for continuous processing of streaming data in order to detect relevant information and provide support for timely reactions.

The main role of a CEP engine is to detect the occurrence of Data Mining QFD for The Dynamic Forecasting of Life Cycle under Green Supply Chainfree download ABSTRACT The satisfaction of customer requirements is critical issue for the computer designers and manufacturers, because computer design is a high risk and value-added technology.

Task Assignment and Scheduling- AND RISK ASSESSMENT FOR LANDSLIDES IN THE SHIMEN RESERVOIR WATERSHED OF TAIWAN USING SPATIAL ANALYSIS AND DATA MININGfree download ABSTRACT Spatial information technologies and data can be used effectively to investigate and monitor natural disasters contiguously and to support policy-and decision-making for hazard prevention, mitigation and reconstruction.

After that we then inspect the idea of privacy and give a synopsis of the developments particularly those on privacy preserving data mining.

There are many methods to increase the network security at the moment such as encryption, VPN, firewall etc.

but all of these are too static to give an effective protection Data Mining Industrial Applicationsfree download Novel, advanced sensors, dynamic development of information technologies as well as modern high-performance computers applied in different fields of human activity result in large amount of data.

Consequently, these data, grouped in the data sets are both large and complex.

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Data Mining Techniques to Find Out Heart Diseases: An Overviewfree download ABSTRACT Heart disease is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in modern society.Medical diagnosis is extremely important but complicated task that should be performed accurately and efficiently.