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But for the price it seems like a pretty good product.As with ALL DR products, this PTO mower is top notch. Per the S&O Manual, you should not add it all at the same time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.usp=sharing&mid=1SEO7FMB5JRATK7OVwca Sr IJ1JRMj QCV4 beste_nettdating_wiki, https:// usp=sharing&mid=1SHLy Adm PWyshc Lux BRZVwdm00r At Hn WI single_farmers_dating_commercial, https://

PTO shaft is included for quick and easy setup and breakdown. Thou it seems well built it doesn't cut as good as my zero turn mower and does leave rows of grass clippings behind as if was a side discharge mower.

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I have a 23hp tractor that handles it just fine, though I did make a couple of adjustments to make it "tight" on the three point hitch. Assembly was easy, even with my cancer related diminished physical strength....a one man job. The DR PTO finish mower is ideal for large lawns that are well maintained. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any other questions. The TPH 72" Finish Mower takes a Metric Size B-1930Li. * A driveway is considered accessible to a tractor trailer if it a) has no overhanging trees, b) has no power lines, c) contains no culverts or bridges, and d) will allow the truck to make a full turn-around.

It's designed to be used with powerful tractors on acre after acre of beautiful, manicured areas of grass that has already been tamed by rougher-cut mowers. If the driveway isn't accessible the delivery will be made at the base of the driveway.

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