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15-Nov-2016 19:04

My heart was beating fast and I couldn't help but wonder if all the people in the cars that passed me by knew where I was going and were busy labeling me as just another dodgy sex tourist.

Soon though I disappeared off the main road and into the quiet lanes that led to the sauna.

I was naturally quite nervous but the fact that I was in a completely foreign city where I knew absolutely nobody combined with nearly 24 years of zero sexual activity meant that I was resolute in my decision and there was nothing that was going to stop me from going!

It was a characteristically humid evening as I walked along the busy road to Babylon.

I have had one gay experience though but I don't believe it to have been sufficient enough to award it the title of the time I lost my virginity.

I had always heard how Thailand is a mecca for gay travellers and so I was intent on taking advantage of my being on my own in a faraway foreign land to make progress in my gay life. Everywhere I went I was confronted with the sleazy image of old western men enjoying the company of young Thai boys.

Another thing that disappointed me was the lack of foreign guys.

That may have just been down to the time and day that I was there but as I'm not really attracted to Thai or Asian men I felt like my options were slightly limited.

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His cock was staring up at me and so I reached out with my right hand and took over from the Thai guy.The white guys that were there were generally of the older dodgy looking variety, which further added to my displeasure.

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