Naughty facetime me

18-Jul-2017 00:33

I was just wondering how many of us send hubby or boyfriends pics out of the blue just for a bit of spice in the relationship? Sexy being abit of cleavage down to all body parts etc.( u know what I mean) Are some of u against it? Thank god I looked good x It's girlfriends sending it to boyfriends that's scary. I only found out as my aunt (not by blood) was his probation officer and told him eek.It didn't matter a bit that his willie was showing, it was a turn off.The thing I've learned about guys I've known, it doesn't seem to matter how bad my hair, makeup, facial expression, etc, looks, if there's a boob showing the pic will get them going. A bf once sent a naked pic after he'd been drinking, and he looked like he'd been sleeping in a dumpster.

Ok Cupid and Tinder, the two main dating platforms I use, are littered with couples looking for a third.

Basically, it's like a naughty audiobook, except you won't feel awkward listening to this one while in bed next to your partner.

Better yet, the app is totally female-positive and compatible with queer as well as straight couples. If you've ever felt weird about talking to a partner about your dirtiest fantasies, raise your hand. Under Covers takes away the anxiety of talking about all the kinky sh*t you want to do to each another (tie each other up, have sex in the outdoors, what have you) by allowing you to swipe on what works and doesn't for you and your partner.

You swipe left, right and the middle "open for discussion" for each kink, role play scenario or idea.

When you match with your partner, the app will let you know.

Imagine breaking up and those pictures end up on FB. I asked my wife for a dirty picture once, she sent a picture of a full laundry basket....

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