Ms word table of contents not updating

31-Oct-2017 08:05

Also notice that, if we want more/fewer TOC levels, or we want to alter or delete the dot leader, those options are available under General (in the lower third of the dialog box).

Once we have finished modifying the TOC Styles, we click OK to insert the new Table of Contents.

Suffice it to say you just want to alter the format of it. To fix the Table of Contents, I basically replace it. first, we select the entire Table of Contents with the mouse and hit Delete.

Or you want/don’t want the dot leaders running up to the page numbers.

The only way around this problem is to go back and re-enter your headings using the proper case.

ms word table of contents not updating-22

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The first entry that has incorrect formatting is TOC 2 (the second-level entries).

Click on that (click #1 above) to see the current settings in the Preview window, then click on Modify (click #2).