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During the night, he dreams of his past, specifically the night of a wedding six years earlier, where he finds Norma (his daughter) unconscious on the ground.

Norma, who had been taking medication for psychosis, comes to believe that her father raped her; she develops a fear of all men and spends eight years in a mental health facility.

During this period of time, Vicente struggles to keep himself sane and cling to the core of his true identity.

After an absence of four years, Marilia returns to work in Robert’s house to look after Vera (Vicente).

He tearfully tells his lesbian ex-colleague Cristina (whom Vicente had loved six years prior) of his kidnapping, forced sex change, and the murders.

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Freed from captivity and the need to play along with Robert's whims, Vicente (Vera) returns to his mother's dress shop for the first time since being kidnapped.

Vera arrives to support Robert, asserting his willing participation.

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