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20-Sep-2017 13:34

Testosterone replacement therapy for symptomatic hypogonadism does not appear to increase PSA levels nor the risk of prostate cancer development.

The current data are reassuring although some care is essential until multiple studies with longer follow-up are available.” We agree that TRT is not a fountain of youth. Some women are so desperate that they seek ways to suppress their own sex drive.

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The “Increasing the serum testosterone concentrations of men 65 years of age or older from moderately low to the mid-normal range for men 19 to 40 years of age had significant effects on all measures of sexual function and some measures of physical function, mood, and depressive symptoms – all to small-moderate degrees, consistent with the degree of testosterone deficiency.

We suspect that it came as a surprise to many that bringing testosterone levels into a so-called normal range led to some improvement in libido and sexual performance. Men who have had their testosterone levels artificially lowered because of prostate cancer drug treatment will tell you that as T levels drop, interest in sex pretty much disappears along with ability to perform.

“ Such results run counter to the FDA’s recent recommendations.

One review in the journal “Prostate cancer appears to be unrelated to endogenous [internally made] testosterone levels.

On the other hand, if men have abnormally low testosterone levels, low libido and depressed mood, hormone therapy might help somewhat. For men who would like to consider natural ways to enhance testosterone levels without actually asking a doctor for a prescription for a hormone gel, we suggest listening to our one-hour interview with John La Puma, MD.

We have received hundreds of messages from women who report that their male partners have pretty much lost all interest in sex. You will find Show # 975 titled Boosting Testosterone Naturally at this link. You can also buy a CD or download an MP3 (.99) We hope we have helped provide an overview of the latest research on testosterone.

The big question that hangs over TRT has to do with risk.

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This year-long study did not reveal any obvious adverse reactions triggered by hormone therapy. Theory A (if a God doesn't exist): I believe males already knew they had to do something with their penis (innate behaviour).

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