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05-Oct-2017 03:52

stars Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh and Rachael Taylor have, in some cases, done their homework when it comes to filling the high heels worn by their predecessors as the Miami-set reboot inches closer to its September premiere date.For some new Angels, like Kelly (who plays Eve French), the original series – and movies – “all influenced me in different ways,” and she can’t pick just one of the many Angels, who have included Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson and Drew Barrymore, who have come before her.“It’s a really lucky thing for me to be in this position where I can learn how to scuba dive and English-style horseback ride and drift cars, it’s a dream job.” For Ilonzeh, her influence is a slam dunk: “My character’s name is Kate Prince and I identify with Kate Jackson’s character a lot,” she told after she landed the part.“I think we have a lot of similarities – that leadership, that mother-type role, that very instruction-oriented.Hard to say, though it's also hard to believe that the plot point will be on most people's minds when this particular shot airs.

Here’s hoping the newest Angels takes that empowerment message and its powerful female characters another step further. In the current breakdown, the character, previously named Marisa, is described as a former U. Marine, a weapons expert trained in all forms of hand-to-head combat and a neat freak.