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If a person spontaneously changes into a purple dragon, this breaks the lore on many levels: Dragons are extinct, people may not turn into them, and dragons are not purple.

Furthermore, dictating your character is three hundred years old, your character’s family is Shendar royalty, your character’s family has existed on Fendarfell since the Cataclysm, all fall under incompliance, and it takes an understanding of the lore to follow it.

During this event and at this event, all roleplay and lore rules will be enforced six hours prior to the event’s start, and six hours after it begins.

No Pv P or raiding may occur during these twelve hours as long as the faction’s description states that the event is going on, and the event has been announced on the forums two weeks prior.

The reason Mary-Suism is frowned upon is because it not only has the chance to impede character development and take away the fun for others, but if a character is a self-insert, criticising or insulting that character has the chance of inadvertently insulting the actual roleplayer themselves.

Mature roleplay chat-67

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Meanwhile, the survival worlds are PVP and light roleplay worlds.God roleplay severely inhibits character development on the part of one’s own character, and those around them. You cannot always win and you must be willing to give as much balance as you take.A well balanced character can mean more development, more entertaining roleplay with others, and more credibility as a roleplayer.It’s much safer to attempt to beat Bob with a fish, instead of flat out do it.

Examples of powergaming include: A Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu is a character that is absolutely perfect.Offense: Raiding a roleplay event can result in a ban of up to 3 days, depending on severity of the offense.