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After three years as a hostess a friend of mine married a customer and it scared me enough to decide it was time to leave Japan for good. I couldn’t bear my face without make-up and I drank every day.

Slowly I rebuilt my confidence and began working as a journalist.

Other employees sent members unsolicited emails posing as 'cute' young women who just wanted somebody to talk to online - an offer many lonely male members were reluctant to refuse despite knowing the 'women' had no intention of meeting them in the real world.

By investing that little bit more money in their scam and using real human beings to trick customers rather than automated emails, the fake dating sites were able to convince the victims that the messages were more than just worthless spam.

A day after I arrived in Tokyo I found work at Aphrodite’s Hostess Club.

It was in the sex district, where prostitutes walked the streets and bars had names like Fetish Palace and Red Sex.

Welcome to Aphrodite’s Hostess Club – the Tokyo nightclub where I was paid to flirt and drink with Japanese businessmen. Hostesses aren’t supposed to have sex with customers, but many do.

Beside me a grey-haired Japanese man slides his hand on to my leg. Back in London I’d first learnt about hostessing from my twin sister, who’d worked as a hostess in Tokyo for a few weeks.

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I was having my self-esteem battered in London, applying for hundreds of graduate jobs and being rejected for all of them.I thought working abroad, no matter what the job, would be a great confidence boost so I used my savings to book a flight.