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20-Oct-2016 19:52

But Mathew said: “That’s all right, we want to met you husband” and Alexander poured me another drink. Travis was having a worried look on his face and he asked me who these guys were.I was beginning to feel the effects of the whiskey. Thomas looked into my eyes and asked: “I wanna tell you something” “Tell me what? I introduced each of the guys and as I finished I grabbed Marco’s cock. I looked at my husband, he was holding a pack of some bottles and he looked so stupid around these young studs!My tits were now swinging loose and these studs couldn’t take their eyes off them. I looked at Travis and he looked at me with disgust in his eyes and I just thought “Fuck you, old fart! ” Travis ran away into the villa and Alexander followed him. Mathew grabbed my right tit and started rubbing my nipple between his fingers.

Then he parted my pussy lips gently with the bottle and started to fuck me with it pushing it further and further into me! He then sank his face in my pussy and forced my lips apart with his tongue. It was all shaved neatly because I always keep my pussy shaved.

Suddenly Marco shouted “I’m cumming” and he started to shake.

I felt his ass cheeks tighten and he grabbed my hair and fucked his cock down my throat and just exploded and flooded my mouth with his salty cum! ” and continued to fill my mouth with his cum until he had emptied his balls which were banging of my chin!

I was getting so aroused my pussy was soaking and my nipples were erect! And they started to bite my nipples tasting them in their mouths.

Marco then straddled my chest with his huge bulge in front of my face. Alexander looked so self-satisfied whereas Travis was very silly.To my surprise, Travis then stepped forward and tried to grab Marco’s shoulder saying: “That’s enough, leave my wife alone” but Alexander jumped up and punched Travis in the stomach soundly! After that Alexander and Marco grabbed him by the hair and pulled him spluttering from water and seated in a chair.