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This Boa was a female and a Hypo but nobody knew she was a Hypo at the time. Bill had told me about them and I thought I should get some. These "Orange Tails" were the original Hypos, which I believe are the foundation of all the Hypos folks are working with today except likely Sharon Moore of Panama is the country to the immediate north of Colombia. The ones with the Orange Tails were 0 each while the regular ones were each. She appears to have something all her own that just popped out a number of years ago. As I pulled him around to examine his cloacae to see if I could see spurs I notice deep wrinkles on the top of his tail just above the vent. She would later die I believe as a result of this over feeding but produced two litters for me before that time. He looked good except for being so skinny compared to Big Mama. At the end of her first year she was near seven feet long!

Dylan's mother, Val Jenkins, made her first appearance in June, as did Reenie's sexually abusive ex-boyfriend, Pete Buchanan, and Sonia Albright, the woman pretending to be the missing daughter of Simone and Louis, Lisa....We're told the tat was done by celeb tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" Mc Curdy and our source says Drake got some ink as well.