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12-Nov-2017 22:03

Yes---------------------------------------------------------------------------Seeing as Ian Somerhalder recently made a swipe at shallow Kardashian culture, it's pretty bizarre that he dated one of the original famous for being famous clan, Nicky Hilton. This relationship was another flash in the pan for Ian, the pair broke up sometime in early 2004 meaning they were together for 3 months at the most. Yes---------------------------------------------------------------------------Ian is clearly the sort of guy who likes to really get to know someone before he takes the plunge into treacherous relationship territory. This unlikely pair got together in late 2003How Long Did it last?"For the last few years we thought addressing any baseless rumors with silence was the best way.Besides, who wants to respond to made up stories about 'friends backstabbing friends,' 'cheating exes,' or 'cast members exiting shows' on low-brow websites like hollywoodlife that are just perpetuating trends that preceded us. I now see that silence was taken as an opportunity to fill in the blanks with even more falsities, and juicer stories, and we, yes, WE, believe we have a moral responsibility to young girls to end that narrative," Reed added.

The Twilight alum is a long-term friend of both Ian and Nina and they reportedly used to double date with Nina Dobrev and Nikki's ex-husband, Paul Mc Donald.

The pair have publicly spoken out about remaining good friends, but recently rumor has it that things have changed.

Confirmed: Do I really need to answer that question?

"But they sort of poke you in all of the places—it all makes sense because they know you so well and it really pisses you off, but it forces you to sort of be introspective and ask yourself, ' Wow, is that really how people see me? "He is a glass-half-full kind of guy, not half-empty." 6 TV Guys We'd Like To Date Affectionally known as ' Delena' to the ' fans, the couple have been quietly dating for a year, but took their relationship to the next step by attending the Much Music Video Awards together in June and were spotted cuddling at Coachella and Paris earlier this year.

While it's no longer a secret that co-stars fall in love on set (ahem, Brad and Angie), it's always great to see a real-life love story unfold outside of Hollywood's film and TV sets and studios. Many famous men have dated Lady Gaga, and this list will give you more details about these lucky dudes.