How to tell if online dating is married Sexychat no sign up required

06-Jun-2017 09:34

Give them something good, like a marriage or a young woman's open heart, and they'll wreck it.We mental health professionals have lots of theories why—early emotional abuse, neglect, too few good role models, too many bad ones.

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My first reaction to your post was "well they can't be anymore "f'd up" than someone who misrepresents their intentions by posting a dating profile who is A. Has no intention of actually having any interaction.

It's puzzling that a married man would lie on Craigslist and romance a young woman, knowing he's going to eventually break her heart. It requires a particular kind of mind: You need to be able to think ultra-short-term, and to keep your feelings tightly compartmentalized so long-term considerations don't get in your way. They have to keep the thrills coming, or they feel catastrophically bored.

Other men, more paradoxically, seem to have an insatiable need to lose.

-----"What I discovered is that I am better off staying married." One is only married as long as their spouse wants to remain married.

Your wife might be engaging in that behavior too - would be interesting to see how you would feel, then subsequently react to the very same behavior that you engaged in.

Rosemary Counter's recent first-person account, "A Craigslist Missed Connection Lure," in the "Modern Love" section, is a pretty good example of how deeply irrational these things can be.