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11-May-2017 13:05

As denial fades, you can start to deal with the emotions that have been too painful to cope with at first.Anger indicates acceptance but distress with the genital herpes diagnosis.Stressed by feelings of shock or numbness, you grasp just as much as you are able to accept at the moment.

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Even though you might still have the pain associated with the herpes diagnosis, you are accepting the reality and getting on with your daily life.

The most significant advantage of understanding these phases is recognizing that this is really a process and that at some point you will have peacefulness, serenity and acceptance.

At some point the depression, despair, the emotions of being helpless and having no hope will go away entirely or diminish.

Guiltiness could also creep in your thoughts throughout the bargaining stage.

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A number of people who are coping with herpes diagnosis will discover themselves misplaced inside a web of "If only..." assertions and blaming themselves for getting the herpes simplex virus.This is actually the only choice that will cause you to feel better in the long run.

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