Girlfriend dating someone else

18-Mar-2017 04:13

Avoiding him might be your best way of getting over him and moving on. Not only do you not even know if it will work, but also if you get caught, you're going to look bad. Source: Shutter Stock If things don't seem like they're cooling down between him and his girlfriend at any time in the near future, it's best for you to try to get over him and move on.

Don't force yourself to stay friends with someone if it hurts you. The best way to do this is by avoiding him and expanding your horizons.

and she wants to be with me, she wants me to marry her but she just wants to know if telling me she still loves me is cheating when she is with someone else? There must be a reason she is dating the other guy and not you, right?

It’s happened to me a few times and each time is more confusing than the last. Do you try to move on and meet someone else or do you wait around to see what happens?

First of all, you risk the chance of freaking this guy out and pushing him away from you.

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