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Today I checked out this place since reading Jack Cool FR. Have to look properly as there is only 1 door open covered by 2 shutters.

Thai train ticket office is next door on the same level. Trains to Hat Yai depart ,,, and take about an hour according to Thai Railway website:

But after he bought the first card, which cost 0, her "big brother" started messaging John, telling him to pay an additional fee to meet her.

He told John to snap pictures of the serial number on the i Tunes cards, so they did not have to meet physically.

For this scam, men here receive unsolicited offers of sex by female strangers on social media platforms such as Facebook.

The men are asked to make a deposit, usually by remittance to a foreign account, for a hook-up online or in person. Victims send money through Money Online (MOL), an e-payment gateway for online goods and services.

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Beside building is Fortuna hotel which is even more run down and worst. It is inside the hotel first floor, opened for more than 40 years I think.

In the past, they involved syndicates from Nigeria (they were also known as royalty cheats) and Spain (Spanish lottery cheats).