German dating traditions

15-Sep-2017 03:45

All we do know is that the sausages have to be cooked over hot charcoal and weigh around 150g.Thuringia's ultimate fast food simply has to be accompanied by authentic Thuringian mustard.Whatever the texture, it always tastes heavenly, especially when topped with nuts, almonds or cherries.

The asparagus museum in Nienburg is dedicated to this seasonal vegetable, which is served from the end of April to the end of June, usually with potatoes, ham and hollandaise sauce. Original Salzwedel baumkuchen (tree cake) is undoubtedly the Altmark region's most famous speciality. The cake is not cut into wedges like a torte, but served in small crescent-shaped slices.

The Schleswig-Holstein Cheese Route runs right through the region for more than 500 kilometres, linking all the producers and events involved with this gourmet dairy produce.