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17-Nov-2017 11:52

It’s not clear who started the stream (the why is obvious: it’s fun to watch and I’m learning a lot about social interactions), but a Twitter account for the stream named @seebotschat has been sharing observations from the pair since January 3rd.

The bots have been labelled Vladimir (male) and Estragon (female), and although the endless dialogue is pretty reminiscent of , these two are really more of a Ross and Rachel.

We've done more than we ever thought we would such as sharing the stage with Denamark's Artillery in China, touring South East Asia three times, three Aussie tours, two NZ tours, supporting Helloween and Queensryche in our hometown, touring nationally with Nuclear Assault and of course having Matt fuckin' Young [King Parrot] as our bloody manager! As for setting band goals what does the band hope to accomplish this year?

"This year is our first "toe in the water" in new territory (so to speak) as we're finally heading over to Europe for the first time to play with Lich King.

So I feel like I need to do that then go back into the studio and write about it.

I don’t think I’ll burn out – the only problem is that because I’ve been in the studio so much I haven’t done as many partied, but not loads.

True to the undeniable workhorse ethic of the band, they show no signs of wear and tear while forging themselves as a solid entity on the national touring circuit in recent years.

The exciting 3-piece have been honing their throwback thrash craft since 2011, having proven themselves as tried and tested road dogs.

Oh no I don’t go to those fucking meetings, they’re stupid. When I’m going into a session for an artist I’ll think about that artist, but I never write a song that I don’t think is cool.

I'd seen Phil around at local shows but I properly met him at a Marty Friedman guitar clinic here in Adelaide - I still give him shit for not giving me a lift home that night! At the time I was getting into Coroner and noticed how tight and heavy they were for a three piece, so i rang Phil and we discussed the idea of us forming our own band where sing and play bass, he shreds and we get a mad thrash drummer - less egos the better, less texting, more riders...