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31-Oct-2017 05:51

Boyne City Public Schools Superintendent Peter Moss credited school staff with decisiveness in taking the matter seriously, quickly and discharging Bolser immediately.“Moving forward, I would tell parents that our number one priority is to keep their kids safe,” he said.

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Gaither also gave some tips on how parents can help keep their kids safe.And, as things progress, the Boyne City teacher will hand the reigns over to the student teacher until the student teacher is doing it all,” said Moss.“There will be times the teacher will step out to find out if the student teacher has the skills to manage the classroom and see if they’ve got what it takes.” Keeping kids safe According to Moss, the police “got wind” of the matter at just about the same time the school was looking to contact them, and they connected within 24 hours of Bolser having been relieved of his duties.“I recommend parents monitor their kids’ activities and electronic devices—it’s the best thing they can do,” he said.

“Be involved in their life and have open communication with them and find out what they’re doing electronically.” Court status Bolser’s bond has been set at ,000 personal recognizance.That would make it more hot.” To which the girl insisted she could not do such a thing in school. ” and later, “You realize we could never date correct? I’m sorry.” Police investigation Then, on March 28, Officer Remsberg interviewed the alleged victim, whom confirmed the Facebook messages were authentic.