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More FDA Lies About Advantame-Aspartame Being 'Harmless' Lawsuit vs Coke For Deceptive Advertising On 'Diet' Coke, AJC Aspartame - More Carcinogenic Lies From The FDA Aspartame Is A Main Destroyer Of Human Fertility Ball Busted With Two Other UCLA Basketball Bruins Bagging Bling From Shanghai Louis Vuitton Store ….

- Excellent Forensics & Evidence - Watch First 24 Minutes Only - Vid Rand Paul Suffers 5 Broken Ribs In 'Trivial Dispute' - Vid Mc Cain In Hospital Over Reaction To Cancer 'Therapy' Attack On ‘Fake News’ is Really An Attack On Alt Media American Thinkers Lost To History Gay 'Dad' Beats Baby To Death Boris Johnson Reportedly Linked To FBI Russia Probe Mueller Has Enough Evidence To Charge Flynn - Report FOIA Docs Said Show FBI Preserving Uranium One Records Hillary Staff Bash Brazile - 'She Bought Into Russian Propaganda' Dem Leaders' Replies To Brazile Show A Widening Rift Homeless Crisis HIts US West Coast Four Viral Claims Spread By 'Journalists' On Twitter In The Last Week Alone Are Completely False Twitter No Longer Speaks Truth To Power - New Rules Soros & Myth Of Euro Democracy - Shocking Revelation NYT Perpetuates The Big Lie Of America Battling ISIS Israel To Build 300 More 'Settler' Units In East Jerusalem The Ignoble History & Legacy Of The Balfour Declaration Atzmon - A Lesson In Jewish PR Israel To Dominate Arabs & Keep Them Warring - Morris Israel Begins 'Largest-Ever Air Forcel Military Drill' As Saudis Consider Missile Strike 'Act Of War' By Iran Weekend Saudi Arrests All About Consolidating Power Saudis Call Missile Attack Blatant Act Of Aggression By Iran Saudi Arabia Threatens Iran After Yemen Missile Strike Saudi Crackdown On HIgh-Profile Govt Figures Widens Second Saudi Prince Confirmed Killed During Crackdown Aramco Board Targeted In Anti-Corruption Crackdown Saudi Banks Freeze Accts Of Arrested Royals, Private Jets Held Saudi 'Plunge Protection Team' Rescues Stocks Is A US War (For Israel) On Iran Likely?

Iran Rejects Saudi 'Irresponsible' Accusations Saudis Blame Iran For Its Own War On Yemen!

) The People's Republic Of Crime Trump Rejects Calls For 'Extreme Vetting' Of Gun Owners Trump Jr & Flake In Twitter Fight Over Gun Laws Media Vilification of Alleged Texas Shooter TX Shooter And The Insanity Of His Prior Conviction How Deep State Controls Social Media, Destroys Critics Jeff Rense - Hitler In Argentina. And How NASA Was Run By German Rocket Geniuses The Germans Did NOT 'Loot' European Artworks Fusion GPS Official Met Russian Operative Before And After Trump Jr Sit-Down!

) And Frightened At His Slip Says, 'I'm Sorry' And 'Please Don't' (Asking Media Not To Use The Slip On Air) Go To - Vid 10 Min Horror Video Of Live Fire - You Can Hear 2 Clear Ricochets Off Concrete At & - Vid Short Live Fire Video Showing Group Of Stoners JUMP As Bullet Strikes Ground Next To Them - See to - Vid Stunning Video - People On Strip Running From Mandalay Area DURING The Shooting - Clearly Two Shooters - Vid Trumps Threatens North Korea With Total Destruction Yet Again, Trump Threatens North Korea North Korea On Trump's Threats - 'We're Done Listening' Trump Wants Billion To 'Detect, Defeat' NK N Korea 'We'll Build Nukes Until The US Leaves Us ALONE' Japan Can Shoot NK Missiles If It Buys Our Weapons - Trump Trump Happy SK Is Buying More US Weapons To 'Protect Itself' South Korea Talking To Trump About Buying US Nuke Sub Is Korea Just A Smokescreen?

Saudi's Very Public, Very Risky Palace Intrigue Trump In Asia-Pacific Selling War And Weapons Beijing Urges Restraint As Japan To Shoot Down NK Rockets US Ground Invasion Of N Korea Actually Considered?