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She wanted to experience living on her own and being free, eat the way she wanted to eat, work the way she wanted to work, have fun the way she wanted to have fun and of course to dress the way she wanted to dress. She wanted to look fit on her wedding day, so I advised her how to do it, taking tips from my female friends who were into it.To top it all off she had a handful C-cup breasts that added weight to the top half of her frame. She was trained in Indian Classical dancing, so that helped her maintain a slim but strong figure.I knew I had to wait for the day when I would be able to enjoy her naked tits. But I still took it slowly and judging from the expressions of pain from her face, did not have the heart to go at the normal speed.

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*** My friend Anis would visit us often, due to his sister having a baby in Honk Kong, he missed our wedding and had joked that his visits were his way of making up for it.


********** I met Sahana in the summer a year ago, at a family occasion; she was the daughter of a friend of my father's.

Sahana, 25 years old, recently graduated with a Masters degree from a top-notch Private University.

Even though she had aspirations her parents did not allow her to go abroad for education as her mother was slightly conservative. She was petite, with skinny thighs, which made her look legs look long, legs that ended with pear shaped pert ass that were just fitted well with her legs. She had a flat stomach from the regular cardio, exercises and healthy eating, a lifestyle-regime that I encouraged her to be in since our engagement.So months later we got engaged and following that got married this year.

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Whether you are a white woman seeking for a black man or vice versa, this place is certainly one of the best cities for interracial dating. Columbia, MA– Columbia is well known for its mixed raced population and so mixed dating is never really a problem especially these days. Atlanta, Georgia– Georgia landed as one of the 5 states for interracial dating, particularly Atlanta where it has been reported that it’ as good as New York and Washington DC and a very good place to start interracial dating.… continue reading »

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