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He began to trawl technology news and, like a lot other people, was struck by reports of a fundraising round for a startup called Uber the following month. After a couple of Skype interviews, Howard travelled to Paris to meet the Uber team there – at the time, Paris was the only city outside North America where the company was operating – and in February 2012, Howard was hired.

It wasn’t just the money – a valuation of 0m for a company that had been up and running for 17 months – but the seriousness of the players involved: Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon; Menlo Ventures, one of Silicon Valley’s oldest venture capital firms; Goldman Sachs. He filled in his contact information on a company-wide spreadsheet. The company’s origin myth is that its two founders, serial entrepreneurs Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick, emerged from a tech conference called Le Web in Paris in December 2008 and couldn’t find a cab.

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very week in London, 30,000 people download Uber to their phones and order a car for the first time.

He grew up in Glasgow, where his father sold musical instruments, and never felt entirely at home in the deferential, bonus-driven atmosphere of investment banking.

When he lost his job in November 2011, Howard figured that tech must be the coming thing.

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London was the 11th city that Uber went into, but it was like no other taxi market that the company had attempted to disrupt.

Unlike its main rival in the US, Lyft, whose ride-sharing philosophy derived more from a hey-I’m-going-that-way-anyway approach, Uber was built on selling bite-sized access to big black cars and Kalanick’s memorable – if slightly untranslatable to British ears – wish to “be a baller”.