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He began teaching at the Tuskegee Institute in Alabama. Washington was the president of Tuskegee and helped advance George's career as a teacher and scientist.

George provided invaluable farming advice to farmers in Alabama.

He graduated in 1875 and became a teacher in a black school. Not too long after George was born, he and Mary were stolen by thieves who planned to sell them to someone in the south.

In 1881, he acquired the job of principal of a small school in Alabama. The Carver family were able to find George, but Mary was gone forever, and George never saw her again.

He taught and worked at the Tuskegee Institute for more than 40 years.

Leonardo de Vinci was the original "Renaissance Man".

George eventually graduated from high school and then earned a bachelor's degree in botany from Iowa State College.

He continued on and earned a master's degree in science.

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He was also a tireless fund raiser for the Tuskegee Institute, and through his efforts, it became a respected and prominent school. Washington's speech entitled the "Atlanta Compromise? " Why were there mixed emotions among other prominent African Americans about this speech? Washington's views in this speech differ from other African American advocates for civil rights and equality? After slavery ended, the Carver family helped George learn to read and write.

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He was soon able to begin to go to a nearby black school. He was born around 1862 in Diamond Grove, Missouri. The Carvers had emigrated from Germany and were having difficulty farming their homestead in Missouri.

Once at school, Booker was told that he needed to have a last name, and so he chose Washington. The Carvers claimed that they did not approve of slavery; nevertheless, they purchased slaves, Giles and Mary, to help with farm work.

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