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24-May-2017 03:19

Now we need to create the Vox Engine scenario that will process calls between the app users, we can name it User2User: The last thing we need is to create the application Rule that will tell Vox Implant which scenario should be used for which call.

Edit the application, open Rules tab and create a new rule.

This HTML5 speed test does not require Flash or Java, and works on all devices including tablets and smartphones.

I use Skype to video chat with my parents, but Skype video quality is very poor on my network.

Lets open the Applications section of the Control Panel, create a new app and name it videochat.

After that go to the Users section and create two users for the application (for example, testuser1 and testuser2), they can be assigned to the app while the process or later (by editing).

Let’s see what steps are required to get simple video chat application up and running.

Before we start building our web app using Web SDK we need to setup Vox Implant account.

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Vox Implant Web SDK supports Web RTC and lets developers integrate this functionality with any other web application.

However, connecting directly to the other person's webcam works great.

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