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Foster Home Certification - Recruits, assesses, trains, & supports foster families - Those meeting the state requirements will be certified.

- Ongoing training & support is provided to all foster families.

- All programs have guidelines that tend to be adjusted each program year.

All programs have income guidelines that must be met.- Assistance in finding affordable, safe housing.

State law mandates the review and specifies committee makeup. Provides support & advocacy for families of sexually abused children.

Committee work is closed to the public, but is submitted to the Ohio Department of Health for inclusion in a statewide document compiled annually. Conducts forensic interviews for child victims conducted by trained law enforcement or Children’s Services Worker. Offers safety education for children ages 3-17 & non-offending caregiver sessions to educate & support caregivers through investigative & court process, & the Children Who Witness Violence program for children who have witnessed domestic violence.

These neighborhood groups manage themselves; they hold meetings and set up patrolling times. Drinking and driving is also addressed since many of the students are now driving or will be soon.

Sincerely, The Wood County Prevention Coalition Officers Kyle Clark, Program Director, Wood County Prevention Coalition Milan Karna, Program Coordinator, Wood County Prevention Coalition Chief Tony Hetrick, Coalition President, Bowling Green Police Division Francesca Leass, Coalition Vice-President, Children’s Resource Center Jennifer Campos, Coalition Secretary, Wood County Health District Behavioral Connections Double ARC / NOFAS Ohio Ohio State University Extension Wood County Path Stone Prevention Partners Promedica St. Double ARC offers educational consultation, coaching and support groups for parents as well as trainings/workshops on FASD for school professionals, service providers, medical and allied professionals, and the justice system. - PIPP – Year round program making utility bill payments a set amount each month (based on household income) for regulated utility companies.

If you have any questions or comments about this guide, please e-mail Milan Karna with the Wood County Prevention Coalition at [email protected], or Greg Van Vorhis at the Wood County Educational Service Center (WCESC) at [email protected] that you also can view the resource guide, and download it online at

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