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22-Oct-2017 12:28

There are ways to be respectful and knowledgeable of different cultures outside of your own without being patronizing about it and without bringing things up just as a response to someone’s racial identity.

If you’re someone who travels extensively, love reading about different places or trying new things, that’s awesome.

I’m no expert on “my” culture, which is already a complex blend of many things, and I do love talking to people I learn new things from.

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What about those male celebrities you sexually harassed in public?

But since that question is so loaded for Asian-Americans, it’s better to ask a more specific question of “where did you grow up?

”After learning where someone grew up, there are so many other directions to go!

Those are super interesting and great ways to find points of connection with another person.

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There’s also an implied set of expectations around what it might be like to date an Asian woman, that somehow this experience will be magically unique — not because it’s a different person, but specifically because this person is Asian.

The former treats someone like a curiosity and the latter allows for more consideration of someone’s individual humanity In an initial ‘getting-to-know-you’ encounter, there are several lines that are used over and over again on Asian women that are super frustrating.