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28-May-2017 18:08

This festival has opened my eyes to countless bands from around the world that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to see or hear (and I travel a lot! It’s got more personality and blast beats than any other event I know.

) I can’t imagine how many other people have been introduced or influenced by things they have experienced there. For three days you can cut loose with some of the most intense music and zany folks this side of the grave.

They will for sure not forget new friends and all the adventures from Obscene Extreme for long!

Of course that you can bring your tents and be non-stop in Festival area.

Sometimes we want comfortable thrills that follow a formula we’ve seen before, and other times we, as genre fans, like to push ourselves to the limit.

Below are 10 incredibly extreme movies that are currently available on Netflix Instant.

Not only the OEF celebrates but also this band that is tied to the festival since its inception will be celebrating their unbelievable 30 years in the extreme scene!!! Another representative of the Latin American fury is named THANATOLOGY!!!

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