Errors are feared in carbon dating

17-Jun-2016 01:55

The one thing Darwin feared the most about his theory of evolution lies in the earth: fossils. Evolutionists will claim that fossilization is rare because of the conditions necessary to create fossils. It takes a natural disaster such as a volcanic eruption, or perhaps an earthquake or a Flood to produce a very quick burial and pressure to generate such fossils.

He knew that unless the transitions between the kinds were found, his theory would fall apart. But what do the lack of transition fossils, and the relatively low number of fossils actually tell us?

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When they discover a "new" insect or other previously unknown creature, they want us to believe it just popped up out of nowhere or it somehow "evolved," yet they can show NO proof of this, EVER!But we do not have thousands of "transitional" fossils.The number of fossils alone are giving evolution major headaches, and this is without trying to actually link the fossils.So I began to think possibly a "day" to God was actually (or could actually be) a billion years.

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I'm now convinced that non-believing evolutionists have been telling some pretty tall tales - lies, if you will - backed by very weak "proof" that they make sound so plausible!

A number of fossils will tell you that a number of creatures died. In addition to the sport of fencing, he has been involved in the evolution/creation debate for about 12 years and believes that Young Earth Creationism is the best model that fits the data.