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27-Feb-2017 04:14

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I've put up descriptions above; it appears at least one of them is making the Nether not work properly.I'm crashing when I leave it, which sometimes necessitates a server restart.No matter how much the media tries to portray things, its a Womens World. They're very "traditional" (read: sexist pigs who think women should stay at home, cook, clean and fuck them and have no lives of their own) so yeah, they're typically assholes and women are better off without them.If my wife started earning more money than me I'd be fuckin thrilled.I have 0 issue her earning double or triple more than me x D or nor does Well, he isnt a lazy bum.

If you look at men and women before the age of 30: -more women in college -more women with degrees -more women in executive positions -women out earn men -women are selected over men in stem programs -women are hired over men in stem programs Im sure there are more.It doesn't matter if she's an special needs teacher or a partner at a large law firm.What she is doesn't matter anywhere near as much as who she is.It's a little too late to figure out which one is causing it (assuming it's just one, and not a conflict between two) -- that's what I'll do tomorrow.

Not looking forward to it, my server hoster's GUI is truly terrible, so I'll be doing a lot of copy pasting, file deltion, intentionally crashing Minecraft, then undoing my changes and trying it again.She would then be working in a better-paid job, so even if she is paid less than her male co-workers, he would be still earning less, though he is paid more than his female co-workers. While I have a partner who is paid much better than I do (has something to do with him getting a better paid job, though the company is horrible), it was not the reason why I wanted to be with him.