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Rage's second and third albums peaked at number one in the United States, but did not result in the political action de la Rocha had hoped for.He became increasingly restless and undertook collaborations with artists such as KRS-One, Chuck D, and Public Enemy.A new collaboration between de la Rocha and DJ Shadow, the song "March of Death" was released for free online in 2003 in protest against the imminent invasion of Iraq.As part of the collaboration de la Rocha released a statement which included the following: Lies, sanctions, and cruise missiles have never created a free and just society.On October 7, 2005, de la Rocha returned to the stage with new material, performing with Son Jarocho band Son de Madera.He later spoke as MC and again performed with Son de Madera at the November 22 Concert at the Farm, a benefit concert for the South Central Farmers.

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While guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk went on to make three albums in six years with Audioslave, and Morello launched his Nightwatchman project, the world still waits for De La Rocha's full-length statement as a non-Rage artist.Now that he's staying on the sidelines while his bandmates revive their incendiary songs with help from Chuck D and B-Real during a politically fraught election year, the mystique surrounding De La Rocha has only intensified.