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"Disturbed are one of the bands responsible for getting me into heavy music, a 'gateway band' if you will.

The reason Disturbed are significant, in my mind, is because they manage to infuse many aspects of traditional heavy metal into a package that is very appealing to the average mainstream music listener.

Michael Angelakos Michael Angelakos is the creative genius behind the indie-pop outfit Passion Pit.

Known for their infectious, upbeat, and seemingly happy sound, Angelakos’ songs reveal darker lyrics that display the musician’s struggles with mental illness.

", "Who", "Whole Lotta Love" live, "You're Mine")A4 ("A Part of Me", "Avarice", "Believe", "Criminal", "Enough", "Fire It Up", "Forgiven", "God of the Mind", "Immortalized", "Ishfwilf", "Just Stop", "Never Wrong", "Recover", "Remember", "Save Our Last Goodbye", "Sons of Plunder", "Stupify", "The Curse", "The Sound of Silence", "The Vengeful One", "Tyrant", "Vilify", "War of Lies", "Warning Sign", "Who Taught You How to Hate", "Wish")G♯4 ("Another Way to Die", "Awaken", "Believe", "Breathe", "Criminal", "Decadence", "Devour", "Droppin' Plates", "Enough", "Glass Shatters", "Innocence", "Intoxication", "Just Stop", "Legion of Monsters", "Mistress", "Numb", "Overburdened", "Pain Redefined", "Remember", "Rise", "Sacrifice", "Serpentine", "Shout 2000", "Sons of Plunder", "The Light", "Violence Fetish", "Want", "Warrior", "What Are You Waiting For?

They released their debut album , and while it was their only album not to hit number one on the Billboard 200, it was the album that made them stars.