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She is very easy to engage but she will drop the man who does not take her seriously.She is characterised as being a tester, justifier and idealist. Hopeful romantic These women are old fashion and will only hope for long term relationship with men. Any lies or deception will eliminate any possibility of a future with her.She is selective on the men she thinks are worth her time.But once the relationship is serious, she will give her all in order to get satisfaction from it.Time line trait will give two major personalities: Justifier: The above traits will also determine what she values or does not value in a man. What personal characteristics she is looking for in a man 3. They guard their personality thus revealing a small portion during the first meeting. She is also modest and will always give personal observations on events, life and people.The man will then maximise on what she likes most, thus increasing his chances of a lasting relationship. How to provide for her without making her feel weak 4. She needs a man who is patient enough to invest his time and effort before earning her trust.This system was reviewed by Vin Dicarlo based on the discovery from extensive research.

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Of course, this idea is totally absurd as there are many things to look out for in your date that’ll get some early warning bells a-ringing.

They should also allow her to take the lead, yet take care of her needs without offending her. She likes being pursued by men and will always be keen on developing lasting relationship.

She will feel emotionally attached to any man once they start having an intimate relationship.

There are a lot of things one may or may not be looking for in a romantic encounter and usually a clingy person falls into the “No” spectrum if ever there was a chart for ideal dating-traits.

Here’s a few of the more common early signs to lookout for when you’re dating someone clingy: They Want to Know Everything about You Early On One method of learning if your date is gonna get super-attached to you later on is if he or she wants to know everything about you even before the relationship has even started – your address, your favorite TV show, everything!

She is characterised as tester, denier and realist. Seductress These women are sexual, confident, strong, liberated and career focused. She is also warm hearted, and will always move on once a relationship is over.