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Please boys, no cramming your tongue down her throat, unless you feel hers first. Failed relations are not failures but stepping stones. Bottom line on sex magic: If you are having fun, you are doing it wrong. BUT, because Americans are subject to the Puritan Ethic, we confuse lust with sex. My girlfriend lied and told me her ex-boyfriend was out of her life, but he’s not. N just wanted to know if I would freak out at her sexual desires. But then, I think any woman who will sleep with me on the first date has done so with EVERYONE she dated before and really, I don’t want to go there. Richard Johnson, 61 Is there any charm or spell I can use to make someone fall in love with me? The saying goes, “Women give sex to get love, men give love to get sex.” So how do you tell? when I am getting off work and the guys ask me to hit the club for a couple of beers and I respond, “No thanks, I want to get home to the wife," and along the way I buy her flowers for no other reason than I saw them for sale on the street, and when I get home and hug her and know that I want to grow old with her… Do you find it’s an issue when you have to bring up being a witch to potential romantic partners? Take your time and talk a few dates before you get naked.

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How did auditions work, in terms of gauging people's comfort with nudity? Did they have to send in nude selfies or something?

I have a friend, he’s also Wiccan, and he has a gift for touch. I guess either smelling really bad, or being overly cocky. If she’s standing there with her arms crossed and legs crossed, that one’s not gonna happen. Whenever you’re doing Majick, it is most important to ask if it is for the good and correct of all. Do you find it’s an issue when you have to bring up being a witch to potential romantic partners?

He has a healing touch, and he gave me the best massage I’ve ever had, and multiple orgasms at the same time. But the best way to know if you’re compatible with someone is to discuss what you want and what you need before you even go there. There are also several herbs you can use that will stimulate your self-esteem. Someone who thought they were all that and a bag of donuts. How can I tell if a girl wants me to kiss her or not? This is vital as some of us are attracted to people that are not healthy for us. Sex Majick, per se, does exist, but in my opinion, two lovers mutually willing to pleasure one another is Majickal. Well my experience has been a feeling like no other. Wish to spend every waking…and resting moment with them. I have to share here, a lesson learned in my mid-twenties from my mentor, teacher and dear friend, Laurie Cabot. As a proud Witch since age 12, now nearly 53, I've always worn a pentacle and usually a crystal. This conversation comes up, usually, when I first meet someone. Telling me your ex is out of your life…well it makes me question what you're hiding. I just broke up with my boyfriend and now he won’t stop contacting me. This one’s tricky; it depends on whether there's propensity for stalking. Visualize in your mind's eye you and the person leaving together. Haha, first date deal breaker…I used to be shallow in that the type of shoes a person was wearing could be a turn-off.

What we believe is love society-wise, and what really is love, are two different things. Then again, what I know is being a witch, and what society thinks is being a witch are two different things.

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Do you find it’s an issue when you have to bring up being a witch to potential romantic partners? My girlfriend lied and told me her ex-boyfriend was out of her life, but he’s not. What do you think is the worst lie you can tell a romantic partner?

Whenever I go out to bars or clubs, I’m always too afraid to talk to girls.

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