Dating winchester rifles by serial number

21-Jul-2017 00:06

"Old Style #1988 Finger Lever - This lever had an adjustable stop screw which was done away with.Also the projection on the top front is about 1/8" longer than on the new style.The Model 88 receivers underwent numerous changes during the production span.The front receiver ring was changed in length of the ejection port opening, with the supposition of it to accommodate the ejection of the 284 for the Model 100.

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Notes taken from a tag on replaced sample parts from a warranty center from that time frame indicate.

"Sample #3988 Hammer Catch - The New Style has a longer tail.

This longer tail holds the hammer down farther when cocking rifle, keeping it from dragging on the bolt.

The 284 came into being in 1963 in an effort to compete with the 270 in this sort action. The carbines utilized a front barrel band that the sling swivel was attached into.

In all, just 28,330 Model 88s were produced as carbines.

Since the Model 88 was more popular, some spare parts have become obsolete before the Model 100 parts. AGAIN Model 100 blocks will not fit and function if tried in the Model 88.