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"The last hug I gave her, was when I tried to hold her and Kayque," she wept."That was the last time I felt her in my arms."Priscila Barros was also 32 weeks pregnant. BHP and Samarco have offered bereaved families a payment of almost ,000. The Melbourne headquarters of Australian mining giant BHP is a world away from the small Brazilian village of Bento Rodrigues, but what happened in this faraway place could cost BHP billions.

But Priscila and her husband Weslei were denied compensation for her miscarriage."They say my child is not considered as being born alive," she told Four Corners."It was alive, it was just not born yet. BHP's chief executive, Andrew Mackenzie, told Four Corners his company is committed to rebuilding the lives and communities that were affected: But Brazilian prosecutors are looking for more than just reparations.

Collinsville and Surrounds Collinsville and surrounds, meanwhile, are home to a number of characterful old pubs including the Bogie River Bush House and the Bowen River Hotel, which are great for getting to know the locals and hearing a few yarns over a counter lunch.

Museums in the Whitsundays Proserpine Museum, 198 Main Street, Proserpine Ph.

But Four Corners has seen evidence of a long history of problems at the BHP-owned dam dating back to the beginnings of its construction in 2007, and learned that independent testing of water samples from the river system has found levels of arsenic and lead 10 to 20 times higher than Brazilian regulations allow.

Brazilian state police now allege the disaster was partially caused by the mine ramping up production to offset the falling iron ore price.

4786 2034 Coalface Experience,19 Railway Rd, Collinsville Ph.The Whitsundays has a rich history dating back millions of years, when the hilly islands were formed when rising sea levels drowned a mainland mountain range.The Ngaro Aboriginal people, one of the earliest recorded indigenous groups in Australia, were seen by Captain James Cook while exploring the Whitsunday Passage.The Ngaro people lived throughout the island chain and the nearby mainland for thousands of years.

Rock art and middens at Hook Island’s Nara Inlet provide a record of their special way of life and there is an ancient Ngaro stone quarry on South Molle Island where tools were made.Instead, their only warning came from Paula Alves, who rode her small motorbike through the streets, honking the horn, and screaming at people to run.