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Both of us had to cover our mouths to stop laughing. He raised his eyebrows, trying to fake a serious look and then smiled, trying to stifle his laugh.

The judge turned to me and started asking questions but he had a squeaky voice and spoke too fast for me to understand him, despite my newfound passion for conversing in Turkish, wherever I went.

From January to June, just under a tenth of total passenger and cargo revenues came from Africa, according to results for the first half of 2017 that showed a net loss of 4 million. Last year, the Dubai-based airline cut one African flight and reduced the frequency of several others.

It cited weak economic conditions in Africa, where many countries dependent on revenues from commodities exports have seen economic growth fall below population growth.

"A lot of people would think our flights to Somalia were not business-related," he said.

"(But) we do the feasibility and we have to believe the route will be profitable, either now or imminently." He declined to give a specific breakdown on profits for African flights, but said routes like the daily flight on a wide-body jet from the Nigerian city of Lagos were critical to the airline's bottom line.

By Maggie Fick NAIROBI, Sept 12 (Reuters) - When Turkish Airlines opened a direct daily route to a war-ravaged African failed state plagued by Islamist militants, industry insiders were sceptical. "Somalia is one of our most profitable destinations worldwide," Mustafa Ozkahraman, Kenya country manager for Turkish Airlines, told Reuters in an interview. The first and the only one." The Istanbul-based carrier is replicating the move across Africa, expanding to destinations shunned by others.

The move comes as political unrest at home last year pushed the airline into the red for the first time in 17 years.

However, he can be seen with other women and this is acceptable.I wanted to keep my surname, because by law, I had to revert to my maiden name unless the husband agrees. The day of the court hearing arrived and after drinking two beers for Dutch courage, I trotted off to the courthouse.

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