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07-Sep-2016 06:49

“You can say I need to tell you something that's really important in my life and affects my life a lot.

I'm doing fine and I've been told by my doctor and from my reading that I have every reason to believe that the prognosis is good.” If your date expresses concern, Jamison also suggests asking if they would want to come to your doctor with you to discuss it.

But some people experience symptoms earlier — right about when they are starting to date.“When I first got sick, I felt like I think every person does who gets manic or severely depressed — utterly alone,” says Jamison, whose new biography about the poet Robert Lowell, who also had the illness, is out now from Knopf.

“There's no question that there are things that can be made easier by companionship.”Trying to find a companion, though, is hard enough without adding mental illness into the picture.

Be honest about what you're looking for, but don't get too "heavy" about it.

Think: "Looking for someone who loves old movies / who reads / who's active and enjoys the outdoors." Not: "Looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with, who supports me unconditionally, and loves me for all my flaws." (We all want that, but shoving it in everyone's face right off the bat can feel intimidating, oppressive, and desperate.)“There is nothing less informative than, ‘I am very close to my family and friends’ or ‘I love to go to dinner and hang out with my family and friends,’" Salkin says.

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Whatever dating service you choose, take time to polish your profile, says Lori Salkin, dating coach at Saw You at Sinai.And while there are plenty of benefits to being (and staying) solo, we understand the allure of finding that special someone.

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