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22-Jun-2016 03:19

If you think it’s a little fishy that a quarter of teens who’ve ever vaped – including those just experimenting – have actually gone to all this effort, you’re right to be suspicious.

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They asked about past vaping, whether the students had tried dripping and if so, why they tried it.

Since there is no need for a tank, there are atomizers specifically designed for dripping (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers – or RDAs, for short).

These feature two posts for you to connect your coil to and a small “deck” for the tips of the wicks to sit in and soak up any extra e-liquid pooling there.

The comment offers an excellent explanation of what’s wrong with this study, and you should read it in full to get all of the details.

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We spoke to Riccardo and Amelia about their comment, and opened by asking them to summarise the problems with the study’s conclusion: The main issue with this conclusion is that the question used to assess dripping was poor.

According to various articles, dripping is a new “fad” among teens, with about a quarter of teens who’ve vaped saying that they’ve tried it. One in four teens who’ve tried vaping have supposedly dripped.