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The lunar energy we have today is in the constellation of LEO, and it is packed with fire power!

Now is the time to jump start your life in a new direction! Also honor all this creative Feminine Power raising up right now!

The Moon in Leo wears her heart on her sleeve and has a great need for love and appreciation.

The Leo Moon is confident, generous and very regal in her appearance.

The Goddesses are being called on to assist each and every one of us!

*Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons with tremendous power!

The New Moon begins in Aries on the 26th April 2017 at GMTThe Moon in Aries has a volatile and emotionally impulsive nature and behaves in precipitous ways regardless of the consequences.

This Moon is very independent and will follow her own path of action whether right or wrong, interference from others will make her rebellious, irratable and grouchy.

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The New Moon begins in Taurus on the 25th May 2017 at GMT The Moon in Taurus has a great need for financial and material security, this Moon is fond of good food and material comforts to keep her satiated and emotionally fulfilled.

The New Moon begins in Cancer on the 23rd July 2017 at GMT and in New York at EDT.

The Moon in Cancer is in her sign of rulership which deepens and intensifies her emotions.

At times the Leo Moon can come across as arrogant and self centred but this is just a guise to cover up her hurt ego/pride. Every new moon, the Sun and Moon are in the same space, conjunct. The New Moon Solar Eclipse begins on the 26th February in Aquarius at GMT The Moon in Aquarius has a good intuition and a friendly nature, but can be reluctant to allow anyone to get too close to her because of her fear being emotionally and physically restricted.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse - 26th February 2017 *Happy New Moon! Therefore, no light is reflected until they start to move away from each other, and the crescent begins to grow. Negatively, the Aquarius moon finds it hard to control this deep and instinctive side of her nature as her need for freedom is often irrational causing her to come across as off key.

Overindulgence can be this Moons downfall as she tends to comfort eat when the going gets tough.

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The lunar energy we have today is in the constellation of LEO, and it is packed with fire power!… continue reading »

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