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Looking forward for the next project of this two leading character. Pd nim pleasee dont think too much about the rating.... Keep fightingggggggggggggggggggggggg Wow just wow.ending broke my heart but is was satsfactory and the best ever . All the hard, tight knots faced by every character of the story (and actual history) are untied in this final episode. you all can love him and i will hate him and love my Prince instead Each episode has given me something to look forward to on what will happen next.. having said that, i commend the lead actors for their superb acting... when in fact, you have already bought in all the wrong accusation towards you. I hope to find a little bit of a twitch on the last episode! lmao.most of you guys asking why the rating is not that great???

This writer and the entire cast are just another level Best drama of 2017 for me..acting and emotions are on point..u actually live through their pain and still come for more thanx pdnim and the entire cast you deserve a lot of awards and recognition yeok and chae gyung have the best chemistry ever hope they will act together again in a comedy/romantic drama @Kdramalover, Despite my negative comment yesterday , i m still looking forward to the final espisode !! There is no word in English about this final untying of the entire drama as there is in "denouement" in French. There must also be a Korean word for "denouement." The pure strength and total devotion of Shin Chae-Kyung's to the welfare of Lee Yeok overcame in a selfless way the intrinsic loneliness of a Choseon royal ruler living in constant political fights (like today). Chaegyong is a martyr for her love or should i say sacrificial because she loves King Yeok so much to the point that saving him through her death..their love story is a rollercoaster ride indeed.. I am really disappointed with how this drama would end. I mean c'mon guys that's rather obvious, the ratings is based on television viewer ratings, which means this drama was first competing with Ruler and Suspicious partner and Ruler dominated the scene..

Together with Lee Dong-gun as the King and Yeon Woo-Jin as Prince Lee Yeok she forms a psychologically intense triangle. History tells us that the eventual fate of Shin Chae-kyung as Queen Dangyeong was devastating because of her father's actions.. this is a good drama, actors compliment with each other. It has not disappointed me and I don't think it will at all, which is a huge statement to me. In life's reality, more often than not, you can hardly have both worlds. Difficult to choose love over fate to rule or ambition or clamor from people. although tv acting awards in Korea are based on popularity or tv ratings. The plot may be common but the character development is amazing.

In addition to the well written story, I admire the acting prowess of Lee Donggun and his two lead actors. I love that Chae Gyung is fully aware of her surrounding and makes her own choices despite the risks. I wish nothing but happy ending for the two but my heart goes for the King.

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As you can see many historical drama is based on true story so you need to prepare it can be sad ending or happy ending. I just wish this story doesn't end in tragedy although the name in itself is so foreboding :((( Wow, what a 14th episode!

I felt every single tear that was shed, every single word that was spoken. The artists, the writer, the director, crew, camera man, etc did their job very well! Hope your team will make another project together ???? Park Min Young has shed a lot of tears in this drama which makes it so moving. i often don't come across historical dramas where i could sit through every second and enjoy it. it made me cry so much, but sometimes you just need that heartbreak and sensibility. i probably got too attached to the romance; therefore, i would beg for them not to let each other go. Even the king made me feel sorry for him instead of hating him because of his past. best saeguk drama Ive ever watch, doesnt matter with the rating it is a very beautiful drama.

This is one of those dramas that comes every few years and just leave a lasting impression on you. Though it received low ratings, it is still one of the best Kdramas I've watched. The drama taught the viewers many things about love and society. I also love Yeon Woo Jin he potrayed his role so well. i wouldn't ask for a better cast, tbh, everyone was perfect. Each episode was so captivating and left great cliff hangers for the next episode. I definitely recommend this drama because anyone who watches it will not be disappointed! a new Park Min Young fan here....bravo to Lee Dong Gun can't dislike him as an actor. the actors were superb, the story were beautiful, I cant believe it is ended already, it breaks my heart to pieces T.

I am looking forward to the last episodes of the drama.i also hope the rating of the drama will improve!!! It's the amazing chemistry between the leads that got me hooked. Is that just because it is rumored to have sad ending theb people decide not to watch? He loves his brother but chose to play the role everyone is assuming and gave for him, a tyrant. I hope the actor/actress and all involved are not influenced by the ratings.

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D why you guys keep asking why the ratings is not good? THIS drama airs the same time as Ruler and Suspicious Partner lol, Koreans can't watch all dramas that are airing at the same time and some dramas always suffer from it that's like freaking obvious,so pls stop asking why this dramas has low viewer ratings... I am really hoping for a happy ending between the Prince and Shin Chae Kyung. Even though deep inside he is a very caring brother to Yeok and Chae Gyung. Those who know how to appreciate a good drama will be here.

I wonder what happen to their mother I hope she loses her spot as Queen. Chae-Kyung's love for Prince Lee Yeok repeatedly falls under the dark shadow of what Lee Yeok considers as his political obligations: how far can she trust what he tells her at any moment? I think that if you watch this drama for 1 eps you'll be fall for it and the OST i really love all of them Please make a happy ending Pd nim i always recommend this drama to my friends but no one want to watch it why?? Finding proof is not the same with joking around creating fuss everywhere at the cost of so many innocent lives. Shin Chaegyeong, she's just stupid, trying to meddle in everyone's business thinking there won't be any consequences. The King portrayed in the movie is definitely mentally ill, which needs support to be healed. The brightest light were the acting skills and the character of the king, his older brother. I hope that the Kviewers will now see a true quality drama like this now that the overrated drama Ruler has come to an end...

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