Dating prevention program violence

15-Jan-2017 11:42

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The message is from one of her friends asking her if she wants to do something after school.

The boyfriend tells her she can’t go out with her friends because she’s dating him now. This isolation has been going on for a while now and where she once felt flattered that he paid so much attention to her, she’s now starting to feel smothered.

Teen abusers tend to start small, but dating violence doesn’t have to manifest in physical violence to emotionally damage a victim.

And this kind of emotional abuse tends to escalate.

If we fast-forward through that hallway a few years, or possibly only a few more months, the smothering might escalate into verbal abuse, with the boyfriend telling her how stupid and worthless she is – that she’s lucky that he’s dating her because no one else would, and that might further escalate to grabbing her arm hard enough to leave bruises, or hitting her.

Learn more about what teen dating violence looks like on our topics page.

When we know that dating violence is a teen issue and the realities surrounding it, we can educate students, teaching them what a healthy relationship looks like, we give them the tools to recognize the warning signs and get help early in an unhealthy relationship.

The best way to prevent teens from becoming trapped in an unhealthy relationship is to show them how to have healthy relationships.

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They’ve been dating for a few months now and the girlfriend has stopped wearing makeup because he doesn’t want her attracting the attention of any other guys in the school. They’re more formless and cover more of her arms and legs than what she used to wear.

Sometimes it takes an outside party, a friend or family member to point out that their dynamic is not healthy.

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