Dating morocco site marriage

17-Jan-2017 20:39

We recommend that any Canadian citizen wishing to get married in Morocco under Islamic law first find out from the appropriate Moroccan authorities (the Aduls) about the procedures to follow, the documents required in the process and any applicable fees.

We strongly suggest Canadian citizens ask their future spouse to help them in this process because the Aduls communicate only in Arabic.

You will also have to present your Canadian passport and the national card of the Moroccan citizen you intend to marry.

Usually, the certificate and the will be issued to you within 48 hours.

Marriage in Morocco has an increasingly changing face these days as young men and women in search of lifetime partners head for the souk, in this case a "cyber" marriage souk.

In a country where many marriages are still arranged, a click of a computer mouse will take the Internaut to Soukzouaj, a free site where thousands of lonely hearted young Moroccans look for their soul mates "This marriage site was created in June 2010," Yasser Nejjar, founder of, told AFP.

The Internet has also played a role in recent demonstrations for pro-democracy reform in Morocco, following a trend across the Arab world that started in Tunisia where sweeping protests led to the ouster of president Zine el Abidine Ben Ali in January.

The first rallies in several Moroccan cities on February 20 were in answer to a call by young people via Facebook.

In short, marriage." Observers of Moroccan society regard matrimonial sites as a new phenomenon, linked to new forms of communication, even if there are many family-arranged marriages in a country where Islam is the state religion.It is also important to verify the applicable legal and religious obligations that are part of this process.

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