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21-Jun-2017 12:22

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You don't have to factor him into your apartment search.Believe me, it's twice as hard finding a place when you've got to accommodate another person's requirements for a home.Here are 10 ways you know it’s time to move in together: 1. It should go without saying, but if you’re not totally besotted with your partner, merging lives and spaces is going to be a challenge.

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While people should be married when they feel the time is right, it is heartening to see that people are taking their commitment seriously and feeling more confident about their decisions. Let me share some things that I believe are NOT present and positive when this course is taken: I am a member of the group who believe that an extended period of time should be taken in dating to come to a complete and healthy understanding that you are compatible, etc. Once an engagement is formed, I suggest that the engagement should be a relatively short period of time.