Dating gillette razors and blades

25-Sep-2017 23:19

It's slightly less forgiving than a plastic comb, but it's built to last.

, you would assume that Don Draper mostly smelled like cigarettes, sex, cologne, and booze, but as Don has undergone several humbling changes in his life, today Don might only smell slightly like the dangerous cocktail that he did before.

Then work it throughout the hair focusing on the bangs and where your hair parts.

After it's properly applied throughout your hair, it's all about the comb technique.

However, you still wake up from a night of mid-week casual drinking like the rest of us: feeling rough.

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A typical pack of 100 double edge blades is only about .Since badger hair is naturally stiff and durable, it actually lifts the stubble and exfoliates as you apply your cream.Plus, it is Don’s preferred method of application, and that man can talk me into buying anything.The Original Pomade is most like the Don Draper slick-back, but the Medium Blend and Matte Dressing are also good options depending on the level of hold you want in your hair.

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For the Don Draper effect, dip your finger in and place a small ball of the pomade into your hand about as wide as a nickel and rub your hands together.

Izola Brass Comb () A brass comb is pretty fancy for me, but for Don, he only expects the best.