Dating gibson ukuleles

06-Aug-2017 06:21

Also, any ideas as to how much it might be worth would be helpful. 1930 Gibson Uke 3, Kiwaya KTS-7, Mainland Gloss Mahogany Soprano, Mainland Red Cedar Pineapple Soprano, Mainland Maple Soprano Banjo Uke, Flea Soprano, Maccaferri Islander Soprano and Baritone, et al...

Pictures (taken with i Phone...sorry for the quality): That would be my guess too. My paltry Youtube Channel: That would be my guess too.

When first they were made in the late teens, they had no position markers. Next the position markers were on the 5th, 7th, and 9th frets.

Whether you stumble upon an old musical instrument in the attic that you played in a rock band when you were young…or something at a yard sale that a musician played in a string quartet a century ago, it may have significant value as long as it still is in good, playable condition.

You see ukuleles refered to as ‘Martin style’ – even when they clearly aren’t (Kiwaya are an exception to this).

Fred Stevenson Ludwig Wendell Hall replica but Long scale. I took it on a trip on the back of my Ducati when I travelled to Italy and back for the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix in 2007.

Martin ukuleles are some of the most sought after ukuleles around.

There are many avid collectors of Martin ukuleles around and people who refuse to play anything but Martins.

Nice well made instrument but decades old so has a few battle scars!

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Really good sound at the price thanks to all those tension hooks holding the vellum. It has a mahogany body, cedar neck, rosewood fingerboard and head plate, planetary peg head tuners and an invoice written by the man himself.

It has the same stamp on the inside of the soundhole. I believe it is a style 1..has some type of top binding..similar in color to the mahogany body...maybe rosewood? It does have some wear...a crack in the front and back which has been repaired.