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01-Oct-2017 18:16

The worst thing you can do is to give false hope that you may get back together again one day if that is not true. I have heard too many stories of people who have told their boyfriend or girlfriend that they just don’t want to get married at the moment or aren’t ready for a big commitment, and then four months down the line they are engaged to someone else.

If I had to sum up my advice for splitting up well it would be: be kind, be clear and be firm.

What if you can’t be yourself when you are with them?

What if you have discovered that they are abusive, unkind, dishonest or unfaithful?

I will always thank Cynthia Black for making my dream of becoming a published author come true!

So, book #1 of this 22 book countdown is from the Atria family and is not from Parachute Jump Publishing, but it still counts in this legacy.

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It was a few weeks before Christmas and I confided in my mother, who insisted that I had to wait until after Christmas to break up with Charlie as he was joining us on our family Christmas holiday.Clichéd lines like, “It isn’t you – it’s me,” aren’t helpful.

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