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16-Oct-2016 14:25

We had open and honest conversations, the type you have with people you have known your entire life, not someone you just matched with on Tinder.When we did finally meet in person in Prague the middle of September, my nerves overwhelmed me.So, why did I download Tinder and Bumble before boarding my flight Prague last August?Perhaps it was a joke, or at least a social experiment.While I didn’t want to have preconceived notions about what these apps were like in the Czech Republic, I had little hope other than having a few laughs at the valiant efforts of tourists trying to find a My first few days in Prague, the matches were split between native English speakers and Czechs.

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With that, I put up walls on our first date that had not existed in our online communication.

When we parted ways that weekend, I believed we would remain good friends and a support to each other, but perhaps nothing more.

Yet something inside me urged me to go out with him again—living in a small town, there is ample time to reflect.

Although I kept telling myself I was on these dating apps for a few laughs, deep down I was hoping that maybe I would have a connection with someone.

I was alone in a foreign country and needed a friend.It was their fear that if I fell in love over here, I would stay and never return. I was not going abroad to find love—I was going to “find myself.” This would be the “year of no men,” especially since my last relationship fell to the wayside because my ex refused to support my dream of returning to the Czech Republic.

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