Dating customs in scandinavia

31-Jul-2017 04:26

The oldest custom at Midsummer is, as in other parts of Europe, the lighting of a great bonfire, but in these latitudes the lightest night of the year was not the right time for dancing around a fire.So the bonfires were replaced by another early summer tradition; the maypole, part of the May Day celebrations on the Continent.

As a result of private initiatives, “Swedish Flag Day’ began to be celebrated on 6th of June.

Today, Semlas are available in shops and bakeries every day from shortly after Christmas until Easter.

Many persons attracted to persons of a different race or culture felt forced to date exclusively within their own race based on the insistence of others. Several surveys conducted in the past years show an increase in the number of mixed-race and interracial relationships and marriages in several countries worldwide.… continue reading »

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